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Break times

Being on time is important!

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Tardy Party is born!

One day, the owner of the Tardy Party app had an epiphany: an easy way to communicate attendance between employees and managers. He noticed employees were showing up late to work and walking in without a  care in the world. After numerous attempts and efforts, he came up with an idea. He gathered employees for a quick meeting and said " I noticed that you'll are always late and I would like some cooperation". "I think that if this continues, I'm going to start a program where you are charged a small fee each and every time you are late!" 

He never did charge them a fee, instead he created The Tardy Party APP!


The Tardy Party App was created by an owner for an owner. Once he created a system for tardiness in the workplace,  it became unstoppable. With Tardy Party, he had a virtual assistant at his fingertips ready to  handle tardiness and absenteeism. Now, he hopes to share this with YOU! 

Imagine if your mornings went smoother knowing your tardy issues are handled.


Tardy Party is your new virtual assistant. Now is the time to take action! Tardy Party has revolutionized the business world! Join us

After all It's a Tardy World! 


No more wasted time having "the talk" when your trying to make money! Employees send excuse and get right to work. Less wasted time!

Send excuse from the App!

No more having "the talk" when your trying to make money! 

Employees contribute a small fee each time late. Use the "Tardy Funds" for everyone to enjoy!

Have a Tardy Party anytime. Make it fun and work on tardiness at the same time! 

Improving your timing can be fun.

Geo-fencing feature:

Employees check-in with feet of your business. Real time notifications on your phone that employees arrived

No more chasing people down.

Schedule feature:

Post & Edit Schedules

straight from the

App anytime! Real time notice of change to phones!

Late Excuses:

Excuses documented from day one and available for review. 

Is someone an accountable person for the company? 

Here's how you know.

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Starting a business can be difficult we know. You need expert advice and guidance. We want you to be successful and confident. We aren't just any App, we create results for businesses! Tardy Party App provides an easier lifestyle within your organization. Business owners like you dream of a system like we've created. Check us out!

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"Just used $259 for an office party! I love this App!"

"I love that i can see my work schedule anytime I want. This is awesome!

"I love that i can see when my employees have checked into work right

on my phone! Good stuff!

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